Feitian FIDO2 BioPass Security Key

Feitian FIDO2 BioPass Security Key

Initially, I thought my Feitian FIDO2 Key was similar to the Yubico, in that you touch it to activate it. After pulling out the Feitian box to see the other keys, I noticed this Feitian Key is called the BioPASS. Bio as in Biometrics, fingerprints. A little more reading and then seeing there is an application available in the MS Store to handle these fingerprints. So off I go and see what’s what. 

Once MS Store open, search for BioPass and then Get it.

It’ll start downloading, it is a small app, so will take less than a few minutes.

Once downloaded, click the Open button to execute the application.

This’ll be the first screen you’ll see and it will request you to insert your BioPass key.

Click on Add Fingerprint.

You’ll be requested for your PIN.

Choose a finger, press against scanner and follow the on screen prompts to scan all the ridges and indentions.

As a general rule or recommendation, do not rely on just one fingerprint. A minimum would be one fingerprint per hand.

Now that the fingerprints have been completed successfully, time to see if they actual work. So for me, i tried against O365.

With my Yubico Key, I am requested to touch the key and enter PIN code for access. 

With my Feitian BioPASS Key, if I touch the key with my fingerprint, I am straight in. If I touch the key with the wrong finger, then I am prompted for my PIN code. 

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