Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie

Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie

Well it seems that the Walkie Talkie feature for Teams has become publicly available. The ability to use your mobile phone to essentially click-to-talk to another Team’s User. How useful would this be generally has yet to be seen. You could imagine frontline workers using this to connect to each other, getting the latest status of a warehouse product for example. But outside of that, not sure Helpdesk Support would appreciate a caller being able to connect directly. 

Anyway, whilst available, it does require a little configuring to get the functionality working. 

  • First step, is accessing the Teams Admin Console 
  • Then scroll to Teams Apps > Setup Policies > Click Add Apps 

Search for Walkie Talkie, select the Walkie Talkie App and click Add. 

Confirm and click Add again and then press Save. Now, it’ll take about 48hrs for the App to be listed. So be patient. 

….24hours later…the Walkie Talkie icon has appeared on device. As it hasn’t been used before, it is hiding under More. However, this can be reordered to suit. Click on Walkie Talkie, select Channel to be used and as long as there is someone else in the same Channel using Walkie Talkie, you’re good to go.

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